Medical Travel

Germany enjoys an outstanding reputation when it comes to treating patients from all over the globe. It's not uncommon for heads of state to turn to distinguished German specialists for treatment. Many patients from abroad choose to place themselves in the hands of the country's medical experts because they are working within one of the most innovative, advanced, and best healthcare systems worldwide.

Unparalleled cooperation between science, research, industry and hospitals at a regional and national level has given Germany some of highest standards of medical care in the world. This is complemented by outstanding preventive therapy and rehabilitation. That's why tens of thousands of patients travel to Germany every year for inpatient treatment - and a much higher number for outpatient care.

Medical excellence throughout Germany

There are over 2,000 hospitals in Germany. These include more than 30 university hospitals offering the very highest level of care, over 1.000 public-sector and not-for-profit hospitals and 575 hospitals belonging to private groups.

Top-quality service for international patients

Some 10 per cent of German hospitals have a specifically international focus and existing services dedicated to patients from abroad. Doctors with outstanding qualifications, highly specialized nursing staff, excellent diagnostics facilities and a superb medical infrastructure together ensure that German hospitals offer the highest quality medical care. Professional interpreters are offered as standard, and understanding of and consideration for religious and cultural needs are a matter of course. A variety of tourist attractions in the cities also gives families accompanying patients opportunities to relax.

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