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As regards bilateral cooperation with states outside the EU, the regional focus is on Southeastern Europe, the Arab world and the Post-Soviet area, including the Central Asian states. The BMG provides support for cooperation projects and investment plans in these countries and accompanies them as regards the political aspects. Thematic emphasis has been on the following areas:

  • Exchanging medical expertise via education and training of medical personnel (support of: exchange of doctors and internships, seminars and dialogue events)
  • Fighting infectious diseases and their transmission (in particular HIV/AIDS and TB)
  • Enhancing emergency and rescue medical services, developing rescue service systems
  • Helping to found international clinic and university partnerships
  • Supporting the conception and implementation of reform projects in the field of healthcare, (e.g. hospital financing and medical insurance, by providing experts)

Contact person: Ortwin Schulte
Phone: +49 30 18 441 2480