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German Medical Biotechnology Industry Profile

Last revised: 06/04/2018
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HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY. The Medical Biotechnology Sector. is designed to present you with key facts about Germany's dynamic, innovative, globally-renowned medical biotechnology industry. The booklet contains a summary, market figures, and illustrates industry trends that demonstrate why German medical biotech is a world leader. The brochure is part of a series published by HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY on the country's different healthcare sectors. Designed to introduce interested individuals and businesses from abroad to German healthcare, the sector profiles will be offered by HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, the export initiative for the German healthcare industry, at events it holds and attends around the world. HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY.

The Medical Biotechnology Sector is published by Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) on commission by the initiative. It is also available for download here.