German Biomanufacturing Guide

Company directory 2014

Last revised: 13/08/2015
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Published by the initiative "Health - Made in Germany", the "German Biomanufacturing Guide" is a directory of German biomanufacturing firms.

This directory is the right place to start if you are looking for biomanufacturing partners in Germany. Independent and commercially neutral, the guide is dedicated to introducing companies that produce effective pharmaceutical ingredients in fermenters. It explains in an easy-to-use, yet detailed form all that Germany's biomanufacturing companies have to offer.

Germany's biomanufacturing sector is known worldwide as one of the industry's leaders and is second only to the US in producing biopharmaceuticals. Maintenance of the highest of technical standards as well as regulatory requirements in production and quality control guarantee 
product excellence. Companies seeking reliable and safe manufacturing processes will discover there is no better place to work than in Germany.

The guide was published under the auspices of Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Since then, the directory has been and continues to be presented at specialist events around the globe. Its primary aim is to help people from abroad tap into the insight and expertise the branch has to offer.