High confidence in German pharmaceutical research

A recent survey has shown that a majority of Germans value and have great faith in the research capabilities of the country’s pharmaceutical producers. The online study questioned a representative sample of one thousand respondents.

Geschäftsfrau blättert in Stapel von Verträgen

More than three-quarters of the participants said as well, that they had great confidence in research companies in general in Germany. At the same time, 85 percent responded that first through the Corona pandemic did the significance of pharmaceutical research become clear to them.

The German subsidiary of the international, biotechnology company Amgen commissioned the online survey. In addition to their confidence, respondents said they were optimistic about drug R&D and had high expectations that the industry was focused on finding ways to cure disease.

The study also indicated that people were most concerned about life-threatening illnesses. Older participants tended to place greater emphasis on early diagnosis, particularly with respect to diseases such as cancer, because they believed it increased the chances of recovery. Additionally, those sampled said developing drugs to treat previously incurable diseases was important. At the same time, they stressed the significance of health maintenance as people age.

What is more, nearly 85 percent of the respondents expect major pharmaceutical advances to be made in the next five years. More than a third said the greatest opportunities for progress in developing cures would be for cancer as well as improved methods of diagnosing severe illness.

Amgen’s Managing Director, Manfred Heinzer, said of the study, “The survey results paint a good picture of the open opportunities for research, and biotechnology in particular. When it comes to developing innovative products, biotechnological research keeps advancing the limits of what is possible in terms of innovative medicine.”