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DigiMed Bayern is dedicated to integrating P4 medicine – predictive, preventive, personalized, participatory – in daily clinical practice. The four-year-old project is using atherosclerosis as an example for applying data-based personalized medicine in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

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This year it held its annual DigiMed Bayern Symposium together with BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH and the German Heart Centre at the Gene Center, all located in Munich. This edition of the event was called Big Data and AI: Can Medicine Do the Doable? Leaders in their field attended from Germany and other countries.

Presentations were held in three sessions on wide-ranging topics. One addressed the use of health data from the Vroni study for the prevention of early genetic diseases in children. Another looked at the mobile health app HerzFit. This enables users to manage their heart health. Other P4 medicine projects were outlined that enabled personalized medicine by incorporating clinical, omics, epidemiological, and clinical studies data. The ethical and legal issues related to use of personal and digitized data were also discussed. Participants additionally looked at the progress Germany has made compared to other countries in the area of digital health.

Germany in 2019 made a national commitment to digitizing healthcare with the passage of “The Act to Improve Healthcare Provision through Digitalization and Innovation” (Digital Healthcare Act – DVG). Even earlier, in 2016, a EUR 300 million Innovation Fund helped boost the development of “telemedicine and eHealth.” Other more specific or private industry projects came that same year, such as the Digital Health Accelerator and Flying Health in Berlin.

The innovation effort was replicated at the state level as well, with Bavaria’s State Ministry for Health and Care developing the BAYERN DIGITAL II master plan. Within its scope, DigiMed has received more than EUR 22 million since 2018.

The export initiative for the German Healthcare Industry, HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, has been following the development of digital medicine over the years. It has produced a video called Digital Health Made in Germany and this year published the latest edition of its Digital Health Industry Profile. Through its work, the initiative is a the go-to place for people interested in learning more about the industry or doing business in Germany.

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