Video on German biotech’s role in the fight against COVID-19

The video, STRONG AGAINST COVID – BIOTECHNOLOGY IN GERMANY, tells the story of how Germany’s medical biotechnology industry made significant contributions to management of the COVID-19 pandemic. The film produced by the Export Initiative for the German Healthcare Industry – HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY – also presents facts that set the sector up for innovation and achievement.

Screenshot aus dem Video des Imagefilmes
Screenshot aus dem Video des Imagefilmes

Germans medical biotechnology developed the mRNA vaccine known as Pfizer-BioNTech or Comirnaty. The medicine works by tricking the body into making the viral protein itself and triggering an immune response. Its regulatory approval was unprecedented and marked the first time an mRNA vaccine had succeeded in all stages of clinical trials and been licensed for use in humans. A number of German companies described as “hidden champions” worked on the manufacture of Comirnaty as well. Germany also developed the rapid antigen tests which have proved vital during the pandemic.

According to the video, Germany was home to 736 dedicated biotechnology companies in 2020. That same year, these firms had EUR 6.7. billion in turnover. The film describes how these companies thrive in an environment of cooperation between basic research, industry, government, and existing programs, showing the ways in which these cornerstones set the foundation for German medical biotechnology’s successes. Another factor addressed is the prevalence of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in German medical biotechnology and healthcare in general. The video also features biotech industry leaders, including Dr. Viola Bronsema, the CEO of BIO Deutschland, who explains how these synergies work in Germany.

What is more, CEOs of several companies provide information on why Germany is an ideal location for biotechnology, including describing how the country’s 30+ specialized cluster networks function. One of the executives who appears is Frank Mathias of Rentschler Biopharma, who talks about how his company mastered the challenges it faced working on Comirnaty’s entire production chain, while at the same time keeping its commitments to continue making other vital biopharmaceuticals.

HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY is the place to find out more about Germany as a location for medical biotechnology and other businesses related to healthcare. The initiative is often present at international trade shows and conferences, where it distributes informational materials, presents videos like this one, and answers any questions about “health – made in Germany.”

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