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DMEA wraps up presentation of latest in digital health

One of the world’s leading international trade shows for digital health technology, the DMEA - Connecting Digital Health, featured a week-long, virtual edition of the event, which ended on June 11. Organizers say more than 4,000 users registered this year, with an additional 2,500 people joining in daily online offerings.

DMEA 2022 Connecting Digital Health 26.-28. April 2022
DMEA 2022

The main exhibition may be over, but DMEA organizers say ticket-holders will be able to access online information from the show until September 12. This year many innovations emphasized digitizing hospitals. Observers in part attribute this to Germany’s federal and state governments’ launch of a comprehensive 4.3 billion euro legislative support package for digitizing hospitals known as the Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz or KHZG (Hospital Future Fund). Reports say the KHZG is the largest funding program ever enacted for German healthcare.

For example, CompuGroup Medical (CGM) of Koblenz, introduced systems for ambulatory patient integration in German telematics infrastructure (TI). CGM’s primary product is the Suite CGM CLICKDOC, which offers services from calendar functions and video consultations, to onboarding and management after patients are released from the hospital.

Other companies, such as ID GmbH & Co. KGaA of Berlin, spotlighted software coding. ID’s head of medicine and product management, Joachim Meyer zu Wendischhoff explained, “Clinical Context Coding means that we extract information from medical texts and documents and present them in a format that can be coded.”

The innovative activities of Germany’s digital health sector show how German healthcare giants and SMEs as well as the government respond to technological needs. The export initiative for the German healthcare industry, HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, is the place to learn more about the digital healthcare in Germany. It has published online directories of companies and profiles of this branch and a video about the industry.

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