Find "health – made in Germany" online with new hospital directory

Patients, their families, and referring doctors can now use a digital guide to find a hospital in Germany. Published by the German Hospital TrustCenter and Information Processing GmbH (DKTiG), the directory offers people at home and abroad a tool for pinpointing the hospital that meets their medical needs.

German Hospital Federation (DKG) - Screen
German Hospital Federation (DKG)

Germany has a top-flight healthcare system, but finding the right place for treatment can be a challenge for patients, particularly if they come from abroad. Now, an interactive website, the German Hospital Directory, is available in German and English.

The user-friendly site allows visitors to do basic searches using location and types of treatment. At the same time, there are a number of other search methods to choose from. One particularly interesting feature is "body navigation." Users position their mouse on a diagram of the body of either a male or female adult or child.The program then lists a selection of ailments. Clicking on one of these lists specialized hospitals. Filters, such as a postal code and distance may be applied.

The German Hospital Federation (DKG) represents the interests of German hospitals. DKG statistics indicate the size of the country's healthcare system. There are nearly two thousand hospitals in Germany with the capacity to serve 19.4 million inpatients. Figures show they are capable of treating 18 million outpatients as well.

The DKG says the system employs around 1.2 million people, including 185 thousand doctors. The size of the nursing staff is estimated to be more than 400 thousand. What is more, the hospitals generate more than EUR 90 billion in annual revenues, and this sum is growing. The federation notes that hospitals "are very active" in research and development, particularly at Germany's 33 university teaching hospitals.

In addition to its vital role in shaping German healthcare, the DKG is dedicated to maintaining public dialogue on hospital policy and the exchange of knowledge and support of scientific research, including between Germany's federal states and on an international level. As such, it is a member of the Digital Health Care Working Group of the export initiative for the German healthcare industry – HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY.

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