Centogene opens COVID-19 testing facility for travelers

Centogene, which specializes in applying big data and artificial intelligence to design drugs for rare diseases, has opened a coronavirus testing facility at Frankfurt Airport. The Rostock-based company with further operations in Berlin, and Cambridge in the US, cooperated with Lufthansa and Fraport to open the center in June.

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The aim is to provide results that will aid compliance with national public health regulations while people are travelling. Lufthansa passengers flying to or from Frankfurt Airport can be tested near the main terminal. Passengers can opt to have a throat swab one day before travelling or select the fast-track option for their day of departure. All results are delivered on a secure digital platform that is linked to their ticket.

Founded in 2006, Centogene says its goal is to transform the science of clinical and genetic data into medical solutions for patients with orphan diseases. According to Centogene, the company's data repository is the largest for rare hereditary disease in the world. It combines worldwide clinical and epidemiological data, and detailed access to phenotype, genotype, proteomics, and metabolomics data to further the development of new treatments. As of March 31, 2020, the company had collaborated with 39 pharmaceutical partners on more than 45 different rare diseases. The Senior Vice President for Clinical Lab Operations, Dr. Florian Vogel says, "At Centogene, we pride ourselves in providing our patients with diagnostic tests they can trust."

Centogene is just one of a number of innovative medical biotech companies in Germany. Its activities reflect the sector's capacity for international cooperation. Centogene and CureVac – which is currently conducting clinicals for a COVID-19 vaccine – are only two examples of German biotech companies with operations in the US as well. BioNTech, meanwhile, is cooperating with the US pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer in testing another candidate coronavirus vaccine.

The export initiative for the German healthcare industry, HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, is the place to learn more about this dynamic sector. It has produced a video, MEDICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY MADE IN GERMANY, and published the German Medical Biotechnology Industry Profile, as well as guides to German medical biotechnology companies specializing in contract research and therapeutics and diagnostics.

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