National Bioeconomy Strategy benefits medical biotech and digital health

Germany's federal government has approved a program to promote sustainable lifestyles and industry called the National Bioeconomy Strategy. Among its aims are to advance renewables-oriented production and innovation.

Flagge Deutschlands;

Bioeconomy is defined an economy that uses biological resources, processes and systems. These include plants, microorganisms and fungi, as well as the know-how to use these resources in industrial production. Digitization and innovative, interdisciplinary technologies as well have proven to be keys to unlocking the benefits biological resources can provide for humans.

Medical biotechnology is just one example of a bioeconomy-oriented field. Germany has long been a global leader in the area of biotechnology and medical biotechnology in particular. This is attributable in part to well-established government support for research, development, and innovation in biotech, digitization, and other forward-looking fields, in Germany and internationally. Since 2010, for example, the BMBF has provided around EUR one billion in funds for more than two thousand bioeconomy research projects.

In this latest step, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) together are to lay the groundwork for bioeconomic expansion. The measures include furthering biological knowledge to utilize biological processes and systems. These will be coupled with interdisciplinary work in applicable areas of digitalization and high technology. At the same time, more biogenic raw materials will be made available to industry and fossil resources are phased out.

The new program is expected to further the existing excellence in German medical biotechnology and digital health. The export initiative for the German healthcare industry, HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, has published guides to these sectors designed to meet the informational needs of those interested in finding German partners or doing business in Germany.