Find innovative, expert contract research partners in Germany

The export initiative for the German healthcare industry, HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, is publishing the latest edition of its directory of the country's contract research organizations (CROs). Entitled Company Directory: Contract Research Organizations, the brochure introduces Germany's contract research landscape and contains portraits of more than one hundred companies.

Deckblatt der Publikation

Germany has long been a premier location for contract research. German CROs offer a broad range of high-quality research services. Many have long experience in the field as well. CROs specializing in biotechnology, for example, have been serving the drug companies in Germany and abroad for decades. Yet the field is complex – with some of the companies offering a full-range of support along the entire value chain, while others specializes in specific services.

The subtitle on the cover – "Find your German partner" emphasizes that the directory is designed to help people from abroad find German CROs best-suited to their R&D needs. The brochure opens with a presentation of benchmark data for the field and goes on to explain the growing significance of outsourcing in medical research. A summary of Germany's strengths as a location for contract research follows, along with an overview of current technology trends and business models. What is more, the new edition comes just as the government has introduced a comprehensive new program of subsidies and tax relief for companies engaged in research, including on contract.

The second part of the brochure is dedicated to presenting a total of 112 CROs – first in a comparative table and then in an alphabetical directory of profiles that include contact information, areas of expertise, and services offered. Included also are short descriptions of the country's biotechnology and contract research industry organizations and HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY.

The initiative distributes the directory at trade shows and conventions, including at its own events in Germany and in other countries. One aim of these activities is to show why Germany is a leader in the field of contract research and what sets it apart from other contract research locations. The publication can also be downloaded from the HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY website.