German company set to market innovative new product in the US next year

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new system for treating heel bone, or calcaneus, fractures. The latest components in an innovative set of implants – LOQTEQ (R) VA calcaneus plates 3.5 – are produced by the medical device company aap Implantate AG (aap), which has its headquarters in Berlin.

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The system paves the way for flexible treatment of fractures of the heel, one of the body's main load bearing joints. According to app, the innovative implant meets the needs of patients for rapid recovery as well as the demands of modern surgery.

The LOQTEQ(R) VA systems, says aap, consist of anatomically pre-formed, angle-stable plates together with freely selectable screw angles (VA = variable angle), and user-friendly instruments. They additionally provide high stability. What is more, the calcaneus system 3.5, says aap, contains heel bone treatment plates of two different sizes and designs. aap plans to launch the LOQTEQ(R) calcaneus system at the start of next year in the US and other markets that accept FDA clearance.

Meanwhile, app notes that the foot and ankle segment of the trauma implant market has an annual growth rate of nine percent, making it one of the fastest growing in that market. The company says the new heel implant system is meant to address demand in this area.

Since its founding in 1990, aap has been working at an international level to develop and market its innovations. This is reflected by the company's achievements this year including German and FDA approval of clinical trials for an antibacterial implant coating and earlier FDA approval of the LOQTEQ(R) VA foot plate system.

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