Biotype grows up

The molecular diagnostics specialist Biotype GmbH is celebrating its 20th birthday. The Dresden-based company began working as a genetic technology expert in the area of forensics in 1999. Since then, Biotype has become a pillar of the Molecular Diagnostics Group (MDG), which employs 150 people and brings in more than EUR 20 billion in turnover.

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MDG recently announced it intends to dedicate more than EUR 20 million to the development and manufacture of new products for molecular genetics, nuclear medicine, and medical informatics. Qualitype and ROTOP are the two other companies in the MDG.

Founded just two years after Biotype, Qualitype was established in Dresden as a software service provider for biotechnological applications. Meanwhile, after becoming successful in forensics, Biotype began applying its expertise in gene technology to medicine as it joined in cooperation with Qiagen in 2009 and became Biotype Diagnostic.

As the company continued to grow, Biotype developed test systems for personalized diagnostics, including a procedure that could monitor the success of bone marrow transplants. Work in this field led the company to join with ROTOP Pharmaka in 2014. ROTOP is located at the Rossendorf Research Center and specializes in nuclear diagnostics.

A further joint venture with Qiagen led to the founding of Biotype Innovation in 2015 and the development of a new testing procedure applying molecular diagnostics to detect cancer.
Now, together with Qualitype and ROTOP, Biotype is aiming to transition from a manufacturer of molecular diagnostic kits to a product and instrument maker in the area of personalized medicine.

Given MDG’s location in a research and innovation hub that offers excellent partners for further clinical development, the outlook for further success is good.

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