New industry profile: Medical technology made-in-Germany

German medical technology enjoys a global reputation for quality, innovativeness, and sustainability. These characteristics have made it into an international leader in medtech. The guide HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY. The Medical Technology Sector. provides you with current market data, industry trends, and a map of the landscape of this sector. The profile is the latest publication in the series of German healthcare industry guides.

Cover of the publication "German Medical Technology Industry Profile"

Germany's medical technology sector continues to thrive. In 2017, the sector had nearly EUR 30 billion in turnovers, a sum 2.5 percent greater than the previous year. The number of companies and employees in the industry increased significantly as well. Around 1,310 medical technology manufacturers (with more than 20 employees) had nearly 140 thousand people working for them. At the same time, the sector's business abroad continues to play a key role in its success. Germany traditionally exports a large proportion of its medical technology. Currently, nearly 64 percent of what the sector produces is sold abroad. After Europe, Germany's most important markets are the US and China.

HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY developed the guide to meet the needs of individuals from abroad interested in doing business or cooperating with German medical technology companies. Like its predecessors, it is designed as well to serve healthcare policy decision makers and consumers. On the one hand, the brochure contains the latest market data and industry trends, and describes what German medical technology can do best. On the other, it presents information on how the industry is structured – including company size, supporting stakeholders, and facilities such as clusters and hubs.

HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY. The Medical Technology Sector. gives additional insight into the innovative force of the sector and what drives it, including Germany's long-standing expertise in engineering and manufacturing as well as healthcare. What is more, the market analysis shows demand for high-quality medtech is rising, and explains why Germany is ideally positioned to meet that demand.

This guide is part of a series of sector profiles. The three other guides are for digital healthcare, medical biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industries in Germany. Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) – the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany – publishes the brochures. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has commissioned GTAI to implement the initiative HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY.

HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY distributes the industry profiles when they take part in trade shows and networking events abroad. The new guide will make its premiere at the German pavilion at Africa Health from May 28 to May 30 in Johannesburg.

Meanwhile, all of the Export Initiative's publications can be downloaded free of charge from the website HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY.