HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY presents new sector profile series

The export initiative for the German healthcare industry, HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, is introducing two new sector profiles entitled HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY. The Medical Biotechnology Sector and HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY. The Pharmaceutical Sector. The brochures are part of a series. A further booklet on digital health will become available soon.

Cover of publications; Quelle: GTAI

The medical biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector profiles are designed to meet the needs of healthcare policy decision-makers and consumers from abroad. They additionally aim to help individuals interested in doing business or cooperating with German companies in these fields. The publications present key facts about each sector. They include an overview, market data, a summary of industry trends, information on sector structure, innovation and expertise. What is more, the guides provide the names of major associations that represent the interests of each industry.

Germany's pharmaceutical sector is a global leader. Among the highlights presented in the industry guide are the fact that it is composed of a highly diversified mix of large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The brochure also explains how basic research and manufacturing, including state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) facilities, work in close cooperation to make Germany's pharmaceutical industry one of the most innovative worldwide.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers in Germany invest 13 percent of their annual revenues in R&D. Investing to innovate has helped Germany become a leading global exporter of pharmaceuticals. International markets account for more than 66 percent of annual turnovers.

The medical biotechnology sector profile focuses on Germany's globally recognized competence in developing new treatments and diagnostics. It introduces the groundbreaking work the country is doing in a number of areas, including targeted antibody therapies, innovative immunology, and cellular technologies. The guide also presents Germany's advanced medical biotech contract research and manufacturing service economy. In 2016, this sector – made up of more than 350 companies – generated sales revenues of EUR 2.46 billion.

Associations representing Germany's medical biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors worked closely with HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY in compiling the brochures. The publications are available for download from the Internet (see link below). The initiative will also offer the guides at conferences, seminars and conventions in your country and elsewhere around the globe.

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) – the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany – publishes the brochures. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has commissioned GTAI to implement the initiative HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY.