BVMed joins HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY's medtech working group

The German Medical Technology Association, BVMed, has become a member of HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY's Medical Technology Working Group. The addition is sure to be yet another, excellent resource and source of information with respect to the medical technology market in Germany.

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BVMed represents more than 220 medical technology industry and trade companies, including 20 of the largest medical device manufacturers worldwide in the consumer goods sector.

The organization's members make and market a wide range of products, including medical dressings, technical aids, plastic disposable items, implants, heart valves, defibrillators and artificial hearts. 

Recently the organization published the "2017 Report on the Medical Technology Sector," which provides information on the medical technology industry. Medtech is a key component of Germany's healthcare market. As the report says, the sector employs around 210,000 people and exports 65 percent of its annual production. 

Germany's medical technology industry is dominated by small and medium sized firms, with most medical technology companies employing fewer than 250 people. The sector is complex, which is why members of the Medical Technology Working Group can serve as guides for people from abroad as they navigate their way into the German medtech market. 

The other members of the Medical Technology Working Group are: the German Healthcare Export Group (GHE), SPECTARIS – the German Hightech Industry Association, the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) and the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VDDI).

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