GTAI publishes informative medtech overview

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) has compiled a survey of the country's medical technology industry. The publication provides information about the German medical technology market. It is also a resource for finding healthcare industry partners or products in Germany.

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Industry Overview: The Medical Technology Industry in Germany first presents the country's thriving medtech sector. Germany is Europe's biggest medical technology market. In 2015, it had EUR 27.6 billion in sales and employed around 130,500 people in 1200 companies. Germany is also the EU's leading exporter of medical technology, with nearly 70 percent of medtech products MADE IN GERMANY being sold abroad in 2016.

The publication portrays the structure of the medical technology sector in Germany as well – including the fact that it is dominated by small and medium sized industries (SME). It also explains how innovative clusters of excellence play a key role in ensuring that the findings of basic research rapidly become incorporated in innovative technology. The report describes the European Cluster Excellence Initiative and other programs and how these promote success.

Beyond a look at the sector and its drivers, the publication enumerates facts about the German economy and its healthcare industry as a whole – for example, that 99 percent of all Germans have health insurance. These factors contribute to ensuring healthcare is a growth industry in Germany. In addition to addressing the regulatory environment, the overview looks at trends such as digitalization, demographic change and healthcare monitoring and analyzes the effect these will have as the industry moves into the future.

The report includes dental technology as well, and uses an international company called Dental Wings as its example of best practice. Originally based in Montreal, the company has expanded into Europe via Germany and is now working on innovative projects with German companies in the area of 3D printing and materials.

The industrial organizations of the medical technology industry are introduced as well. One of these is Spectaris, which represents medium-sized companies active in high-tech and medical technology. The other is BVMed, which has more than 220 member companies, including 20 of the largest medical device manufacturers worldwide in the consumer goods sector. Brief portraits of Germany Trade & Invest and HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY are also in the publication, as are contact details.