Cross-border telemedicine project underway

German and Dutch companies and scientists are cooperating through the cross-border initiative MIND to promote practice-oriented innovation in medical technology and telemedicine. Among other things, new methods of approaching biomedicine and pain therapy are being developed.

Germany and Netherlands flag; fotolia/Claudio Divizia
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The project called "Medical Innovation – Netherlands-Germany" (MIND) started at the beginning of the year. It has a total of EUR 5.7 million in funding, of which EUR 3.5 million originated from the "Germany-Netherlands INTERREG Program" with financing from the European Regional Development Fund. Doctors' contributions of know-how as early on as possible are vital to the innovations that are at the core of the MIND initiative. This is being encouraged to avoid promoting concepts that sound very promising but ultimately turn out to be difficult to apply in practice.

The first six MIND project teams are already working. One of them is dedicated to developing an application for "smart glasses," a special set of spectacles that are to support Parkinson's patients in their daily life. "Virtual reality glasses" are also planned as an aid for people who suffer from chronic pain. The eyewear is supposed to help motivate patients to again begin using parts of their body affected by pain.

MIND is further evidence of the innovative strength of Germany's manufacturers of telemedical devices. If the market accepts the newly developed concepts and products, this will create new potential for Germany's E-Health and telemedicine sector, including last but not least export oriented small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

A total of 30 partners from industry and science are working together on the MIND initiative. Among the main partners within that group are the Network for the Healthcare Industry of Münsterland (Netzwerk Gesundheitswirtschaft Münsterland e. V.), the TAFH Münster, the Development Society Oost NV, the Cluster Health Valley of Nijmegen,and GewiNet in Osnabrück.

The development of more German-Dutch concepts is planned for the two-and-a-half-year cross-border initiative. Those interested in submitting innovative ideas should contact the office of the Netzwerk Gesundheitswirtschaft   at

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