Medical Technology Industry

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Like Germany's healthcare system, German medical technology works for the people it serves, both at home and abroad. A tradition of innovation and industry has made the country a global standard-setter when it comes to producing medical technology and maintaining it, no matter where in the world it happens to be. One only has to look at German healthcare and medicine to see the innovative drive, wealth of knowledge and years of global experience the country has to offer.

Germany's Medical Technology Industry Works

The commitment to the values of innovation and quality has paid off for German med-tech. A third of the sector's sales revenues come from products that are less than three years old. The country also far surpassed its rivals in terms of registering new patents for surgery and surgical navigation. Figures like that indicate that buying German medical technology leaves healthcare providers with state-of-the-art, sustainable technology for treating patients.

Reliability is another key feature of German medical technology. The sector provides equipment health professionals and patients can trust - every single time.

Guaranteed dependability has helped make Germany the European leader in terms of med-tech sales turnover. In 2016, the sector generated a total turnover of EUR 29.2 billion, with 65 percent of sales going abroad. Germany also tops the ranks in terms of exports not only to European countries, but many of the world's other regions as well, with more and more products destined for the markets in Asia and Central and South America. German medical technology is going places; don't pass it up.

Let German Med-Tech Work for You

  • Highly diversified and specialized product range
  • Thousands of patents
  • Exports account for >60 percent of sales in past five years and continue to grow
  • More than 12 thousand companies, from corporations to family firms
  • outstanding commitment to service
  • Years of local support
  • Reliable, consistent pricing

SMEs - numbers guarantee diversity, flexibility, and accessibility

Germany is home to a number of large, well-known medical technology companies, but the sector is nevertheless dominated by small and medium-sized firms (SMEs). Ninety-five percent of the country's med-tech firms have a staff of fewer than 250 people.

The SMEs have the advantage of being able to react flexibly, meet a broad range of demands, and supply niche products for specialist applications. Products are tailored to suit the specialized needs of customers at home and abroad. A significant number of manufacturers' service strategies extend far beyond simple product provision. Integration into and compatibility with existing systems are key in this respect. Comprehensive after-sales provisions - including maintenance and repair services - are also part of the portfolio that sets German companies apart.

Just a click away

Medical technology from Germany is at home all over the world. German suppliers are only as far away as your computer or phone. Regardless of location, global networks and sophisticated logistics systems ensure the customer is always close and top-flight products rapidly available. Health professionals who buy German medical technology are getting more than a product. Delivery of first-hand knowledge in the form of local training programs and seminars are part of the package as well.

Take the Initiative!

Germany's medical technology industry is a thriving one. Because of its many firms and the broad range of products it offers, the sector is also complex. For partners from abroad looking at the market, success is all a matter of knowing which firm is best at providing what. That is where the initiative HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY can help. Take the initiative and let the initiative help you locate just the partner you need.

Tailor-made products to suit myriad medical needs

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The German medical technology sector supplies innovative, quality products - ranging from swabs to software to scanners and beyond. It produces everyday medical supplies, surgical instruments, wheelchairs, prostheses, implants, artificial hip joints, heart pacemakers, catheters, and instruments for microtherapy, including to medical devices for diagnostics.

As well as being a major export force, German medical technology companies stand out in terms of their innovative strength in a number of areas, for example:

  • Imaging systems: new methods such as molecular imaging, positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission tomography (SPECT), as well as x-rays, computer tomography, magnet resonance tomography and ultrasound.
  • Prostheses and implants: intelligent and nano and/or bio-functionalized implants, neuroprosthetics/functional electro-simulation, and technical aids for the rehabilitation and the disabled.
  • Devices and systems: devices, systems and procedures for surgery within or on the human body. Direct, manual or instrument-based - key products are those for minimally invasive surgery, robotics and navigation in surgery, surgical instruments, and intensive medicine.

International standards - Germany sets another mark

An independent institution that advises the German parliament on matters of research and technology, the Office of Technology Assessment, describes the country's med-tech industry as one of Germany's most complex overall, mainly due to its broad range of products and the countless regulations to which those products are subject. One approach the industry has used to master this challenge successfully is to pursue innovation though cooperation with scientific and research institutions. That has helped make German medical technology an international standard-setter, in terms of quality, performance and safety.

Ensuring the quality of products and services is a priority in Germany. Numerous institutions in Germany oversee the safety and reliability of technologies and manufactured goods.

When a medical practice, hospital or institution buys German med-tech, they can rest assured that the product meets the highest of standards.

German dental technology - quality that will keep you smiling

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Germany supplies reliable, innovative tools, materials, devices and equipment to dentists and dental technicians. Like their counterparts in the medical technology industry, dental-tech producers apply decades of experience in development, manufacture, and service to ensuring whatever they provide is top-flight.

What is more, the industry has the capability to cover the full spectrum of the profession. Whether it is prevention, diagnosis or reconstruction, all products are designed with quality foremost in mind. Germany sets global standards for innovation and durability, something that has contributed to making German products superior in terms of sustainability and service life, making them ultimately, good value relative to cost.

German dental technology suppliers are only as far away as your computer or phone. Decades of global experience means marketing, distribution and service networks are well-established, fast and efficient. What is more, German firms know how to tailor products and solutions to local conditions. Service consultations via telephone and internet are considered a matter of course and first-hand knowledge is also part of the package in the form of training and seminars.

The dental industry in Germany employs more than 20,000 people. In 2016 it had an annual turnover of EUR 5 billion, with more than half that figure generated by sales abroad.

Rx - Take the initiative

Like its larger counterpart the medical technology industry, Germany's dental technology sector is relatively complex. For partners from abroad looking at what Germany has to offer, success is all a matter of knowing which firm is best at providing what. That is where the initiative HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY can help. Take the initiative and let the initiative help you locate just the partner you need.



Among the tasks of the Export Initiative of the German Healthcare Industry, HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY, is to inform and guide foreign individuals and companies who are interested in doing business in and with German healthcare. The Initiative informs you about German industry, holds events in your country and is available to answer your questions. Other functions are to promote lasting foreign market access and international network development for German small and medium-sized industries (SMEs).

In order to ensure that it is meeting their needs, HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY works in close cooperation with four working groups whose members are organizations representing specific sectors within the German healthcare industry. They are also available to address any queries you might have.

The members of the Medical Technology Working Group are:

German Healthcare Export Group (GHE)

German Medical Technology Association (BVMed)

SPECTARIS – German Hightech Industry Association

The German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI)

Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VDDI)